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Starting on Sunday...Immersion- holistic health/weightloss program!

Yesterday it was a lovely sunny day here in Perth and we had just come back from a little weekend getaway to Mandurah so we had lots to do around the house. I really wanted to go to the gym but I also didn't feel like going to work out inside when it was such a lovely day. So, I pulled out my phone, and rolled out my mat by our gorgeous pool and did the HSE workout in the beautiful sun.

The boys even joined me for the warmup which was so cute. Oliver took a video of me working out for my reels so check out my Instagram to look out for that!

I can't believe the health and wellness resources that I have at my fingertips with The Healthstyle Emporium and wait till you hear about our latest program....

Are you one of these 8 women?

~I want an exercise program to do from home around the kid's schedules

~I'm tired of thinking about meals and would benefit from a meal guide with healthy recipes to take the stress away

~I have a holiday coming up and I want to be fit and healthy to have the best time

~I need more balance and calm in my busy life

~ I want to reset my health focusing on daily healthy habits

~I feel like I'm doing this all alone! I am looking for an uplifting community of women who will cheer and support me to reaching my goals

~I'm not following a program at the gym I just do my own thing but I'm not seeing results

~I want to lose some weight and feel my best this summer/winter

I literally wrote these because I FEEL THEM ALL and I've been there. Some days I need to do a workout at home, some days I need to rest and listen to a meditation, some days I need my healthy habits checklist and HSE community to keep me accountable to my goals- even if it's just drink enough water in the day!

I've found something to help me (and you!) step into a new season---our newest program called


42 days to a lighter you



A life-changing holistic weightloss / health program designed to transform your well-being holistically and sustainably. This comprehensive 42 day challenge which runs from October 1st - 12th November combines cutting-edge holistic healthy habits with nutrition, exercise, and community support to transform your body and mind from the inside out.

Many people on a health and weight-loss journey struggle to break free from the lack of motivation to keep going, which stops them from reaping the benefits with awesome results.

That's where our challenge, IMMERSION, comes in.

The Approach…

If you’re tired of starting weight-loss diets or workout plans only to fall off track, sabotage your progress, or feel disappointed about your results, then IMMERSION is just what you need because this isn’t your typical weight-loss program. This program is all about immersing yourself in the discipline & consistency required to get the results you want. YES its about eating well & moving your body but we are taking a well rounded approach to weight loss instead of the typical “eat less, exercise more” approach. Inside IMMERSION we are more so about focusing on healthy habits that stick, new lifestyle choices to willingly implement for the rest of your life, along with the principles of a positive mindset, rest, healing, longevity and DNA repair so that your body creates results sustainably.

I'm not doing this program to lose weight, I am doing it to start focusing on implementing simple


into my routine

Inside The HSE, we believe in approaching health, wellness and performance holistically.
Our philosophy is that there is no Yin without Yang, so we’ve curated a program for our members to work out and work in with, in the hope our members return to their center on their journey to their ultimate wellness goals and discover how good they can really look & feel.

How It Works…

For 42 days we will complete all of the below tasks daily.

Let's do this together! We are starting


so hit reply to this e-mail, tap the button below to contact me (scroll down and type IMMERSION) or send me a DM on Instagram @everdeane_ and I'll be in touch with how to get started and step into the healthiest version of yourself!

If you want to listen to some of the program co-ordinators, these amazing ladies and professionals will be hosting an


on Thursday 6pm (AWST) click here to sign up for the info night (zoom call)

See you on the mat!

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