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Easy Dinner Recipes: Vegan Split Pea + Sweet Potato Soup

vegan split pea and sweet potato soup. soup easy dinners

Split Pea + Sweet Potato Soup

My younger brother moved to the states at the end of last year and he has always loved making up his own recipes in the kitchen. I only have one brother, just to clarify, because I guess saying “younger brother” makes it seem like I might have an older brother and I don’t. Just saying. Anyway, he came home from Publix the other day with some split peas and made us some soup. It was delicious so I knew I was going to try my own version because Oliver eats soup so well and its a great way for him to get a variety of vegetables and plant protein., and how hard can that be sometimes right?

I don’t actually like peas, I never have. As a child, I used to either try to pass them to my brother (our dogs weren’t allowed in the kitchen) or I would take them like pills, swallowing them down with water. If I hadn’t finished dinner by the time everyone else was finished, I was procrastinating eating the peas, my dad would set a timer on the table for about 10 minutes and I had to finish them or else I wasn’t allowed dessert. And that was motivation enough for me, because I loved dessert! I just still used every second of those ten minutes to slowly get those peas down. But luckily this soup is amazing even if you hate peas, go figure!?

I was going to do split pea and regular potato soup but I didn’t have any so I tried it with sweet potatoes the one night and have made it with them ever since. I loved it! I know you will too.

vegan soup

Split Pea + Sweet Potato Soup with vegan naan dippers.

I’m all about easy dinner recipes because no one wants to spend hours in the kitchen after a long day at work, school or a long day with the kids so I wanted to write up some of the recipes I had been using but just hadn’t developed yet. This Split Pea and Sweet Potato Soup is the third of my mini series of recipes entitled “Easy Dinner Recipes.” I want to make healthy vegan cooking so inviting to you! Is it working yet?

Easy Dinner Recipes:

There are obviously lots of other vegan dinner recipes as well as breakfast, lunch and snack recipes, but these are some super easy ones to whip up and wow who ever is eating them.

Come follow me (Rebelle Kitchen) on Pinterest for more amazing recipes, or on Instagram where you can save my recipes to your collection for easy cooking!

Vegan Split Pea and Sweet Potato Soup

Quick and easy dinner recipe for the whole family to enjoy.

Course Soup

Prep Time 10 minutes

crockpot 3 hours

Total Time 3 hours 10 minutes

Servings 6 servings

Author rebellekitchen


  1. 1 TBSP olive oil

  2. 1 onion peeled and diced

  3. pinch spices: garlic salt, italian herbs, all spice, everyday seasoning

  4. 2 cloves garlic

  5. 2 medium sweet potatoes peeled and cubed

  6. 1 packet green split peas

  7. 4 cups vegetable broth

  8. 1 cup coconut cream

  9. 1 tsp salt and pepper more to taste


Sauté the onion in a pan with a tablespoon of oil. Add the spices after 2-3 minutes. Add the garlic right at the end once the onions are cooked.

Place the cooked onions, sweet potato cubes, split peas, vegetable broth, coconut cream and salt + pepper in a slow cooker. Add more or less vegetable broth until the potatoes are covered.

Cook for 2-3 hours and then puree until smooth. Add more salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to tag me @rebellekitchen so I can see your wonderful creations! Happy cooking everyone.

What are your favorite soups? There is a little more winter to go so I need more inspiration please!

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