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Easy dinner recipes: Vegan Vegetable Quesadillas

There is little to no Mexican food in South Africa so I had to learn a lot of cool words like tortillas (tor-tea-as) when I came to the states and started trying different types of food.

I love taking regular dishes and making them vegan so I knew I wanted to make a vegetable quesadilla. We went to Bean Vegan Cuisine here in Charlotte one night and I ordered the quesadillas (that just had vegan cheese) and Oliver loved them, so I thought I would try some that we could have for dinner that had some healthy veggies in. Oliver does pretty well with them but they are definitely not his favorite, although what veggies are?

More family friendly vegan dinner recipes:

What are your kids favorite dinners? Even if they are not vegan, I’d love to hear what they are because I’m the queen of taking regular dishes and making them vegan (if I do’t say so myself!)

Hope you enjoy these and don’t forget to tag @rebellekitchen or use the #rebellekitchen so I can see your creations! Thanks so much.

Vegan Vegetable Quesadillas

Easy healthy vegan vegetable quesadillas for the whole family.

Course Main Course

Cuisine Mexican

Prep Time 25 minutes

Cook Time 20 minutes

Total Time 45 minutes

Author rebellekitchen


  1. 3 TBSP oil divided

  2. 1 onion peeled and diced

  3. 2 cloves garlic mashed

  4. 1 block tempe broken up

  5. 1 TBSP soy sauce plus extra tsp if you need

  6. 1 TBSP maple syrup

  7. 1 punnet mushrooms sliced

  8. 1 can corn

  9. 1 can black beans or other bean of your choice

  10. 1 heaped cup spinach

  11. 1 cup kale leaves only

  12. 5 sprigs cilantro

  13. 5 TBSP hummus

  14. 5 tsp vegan mayonaise optional

  15. sprinkle vegan cheese optional

  16. vegan butter oiling the pan


For the filling:

Add 1 TBSP oil to a pan and sauté the onions for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent burning. Add a pinch of any spices you like for example garlic salt, everyday seasoning, and Italian herbs. Add the garlic for the last minute and stir well.

In a separate pan, while the onions are cooking, add 1 TBSP oil and break up the tempe into small pieces like crumbles. Add the soy sauce and maple syrup and sauté until golden brown. Set aside

When the onions are done, set them aside and sauté the mushrooms in 1 TBSP of oil. Add more if you need.

Put all the ingredients together in one pan- the onions, mushrooms and tempe and then add the can of beans, can of corn, spinach, kale, and cilantro and sauté until the spinach wilts. Set aside.

Preparing the tortillas:

Lay out a round tortilla and “butter” it with 1 TBSP of hummus, 1 tsp of vegan mayonnaise (as much as you like) and a sprinkle of vegan cheese.

Put a small amount of vegan butter in a pan (less than a tsp), lay half of the tortilla in the pan (a half circle) and use a spoon to put the filling in. Fold the top over and press down. Butter the top half of the tortilla lightly with vegan butter.

Cook until golden brown on both sides. Fill as many tortillas as possible, probably about 5-6 depending on the size of tortilla, I used medium-large ones.

Cut with scissors and eat with your hands. Enjoy!


*Reheat in a toaster oven to keep the outside crispy.

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