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Maternity Photo Shoot

We couldn’t have asked for a more magical morning than the one we had the first weekend in September. Cloudy and cool with just a hint of a light breeze. Our friend and creative genius

Rachel Hendrick picked the most amazing spot for our maternity photo shoot: The UNCC Botanical Gardens. This hidden gem of a location surprised the heck out of all of us. We started in the greenhouse which had different rooms featuring plants from various biomes such as a tropical rainforest and a desert.

Rachel was great at giving us pose cues (which I always did backwards, “The other right leg Kendra”) and fixing my hair. Speaking of hair, I never learn! Every time I try to do some loose curls myself, they last for 5 minutes then look sort of like wavy, unbrushed hair. I don’t actually own hairspray which might be part of the problem? Luckily I don’t even notice my hair in these shots because all I see is Daniel and I smiling and laughing at the thought of being parents to this little squirmy one in my tummy.

After taking these shots in the greenhouse, we walked down to the gardens. Being the diva that I am (not really), I brought a change of clothes. It honestly looks like a fairy garden, especially with the beautiful flower crown that Rachel made. I am so pleased with how these turned out, the cloudy weather really helped show off Rachel’s great eye! (And it kept my eyes from squinting).

I am grateful to have these photos to remember the 9 years that Daniel and I had just the two of us, and the growing baby in my tummy that will be officially part of our family soon. Thanks again Rachel.

What are some other good locations around Charlotte for Photoshoots?


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