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Taking sexy back: Aerie undies 10 for $35

I have officially retired the frumpy underwear that I’ve been wearing since late pregnancy and have said hello to these pretty panties from Aerie. I bought them at 7 for $38 but they you can get them today at 10 for $35!!!! At about the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, I sized up and bought some very plain undies by Fruit Of The Loom but I bought “high-waisted” by mistake. Ahhhh, I usually wear “bikini” so there was just way to much coverage for me. When those were looking a little sad and I was changing underwear a lot, I needed more and wouldn’t you believe it, I made the same mistake AGAIN! So I had two sets of “granny panties” that basically went all the way up my back and made me feel about as sexy as a weed.

I have bought Aerie before and loved them so they were my go-to when I was looking the other day. I just love the way that they fit (I am a Medium) and the fact that they have a cotton liner, no matter what kind of material is on the outside. I actually didn’t check some of the ones I ordered, and thought I was getting full cotton panties, so just double check if have a preference.

Here are the links in order from top to bottom:

I should have bought more of these!

They have such a good selection and you really can’t beat 10 for $35!!! They have amazing thongs, I just can’t. #yafeelme

I don’t know about you, but having great underwear on gives me such a confidence boost! Now I just need to work on finding a pretty nursing bra.

What are your go-to brands of underwear?

Do you know of any pretty nursing bras?


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