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Vegan Pregnancy Update {Week 34}

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How Far Along: 34 weeks 5 days

Size: Baby is probably about 5 ½ lbs, and is about 18 inches head to toe. Food comparison – Cantaloupe. Getting so big my nu-nu!

Gender: I have no idea. Some people say they just knew, but I have no mother instincts on this one. It’s literally 50/50.

Baby bump: The people that said I was so small are now eating their words. I’m sure my bump can be seen from space. But seriously, it’s amazing how round it is – it’s literally like I swallowed a basketball!

Movement: Baby is moving around well and it’s very easy for others to feel baby’s feet! At least that’s what I think they are. I also keep getting tickled in my groin area – that might be baby’s little hands stretching. I’m just guessing again.

Exercise: It’s so ironic that I became a yoga teacher 3 weeks ago and have only gone to yoga 3 or 4 times since. It’s getting really hard to lunge to the top of the mat (I sometimes take it in two steps now) but after going I always feel better and I sleep so much better too! I have 8 more days of yoga at Y2 then I’ll do a home practice until baby comes.

I’m at the point where I need to try schedule just one “event” a day. It could be piano practice, a coffee date, Doctor’s appointment, or a grocery shop. When I don’t do that, like on Tuesday, when Ensley and I were on Charlotte Today, then we photographed for a couple hours and finally I had piano practice at Church, I become a grumpy pants. Nobody likes a grumpy pregnant lady.

How I’m feeling: This cooler weather this week was such a relief – mentally and physically. My “papa” (grandfather) passed away on Sunday and I had the worst sleep of my pregnancy the night before (reflux is killing me), so I was particularly fragile. I wish my baby could have met my Papa. I was going to ask him to give baby a Zulu name (he is fluent) but I didn’t ask in time. Isn’t it amazing that death waits for nothing. When it’s your time, it’s your time. I pray for my mom and her sisters as they mourn their father, and now adjust to having both their parents gone.

Food: Things I ate this week-

  1. PBJ (Naturally!)

  2. Juice Plus complete shakes (These are my jam!)

  3. Lots of fruit (I’m loving peaches and grapes at the moment!)

  4. Quesadillas (These were sooo yummy)

  5. Tofurkey veggie sandwich (Thanks Ensley!)

  6. Sushi

  7. Vegetable casserole

  8. Quiche

  9. Quiche

  10. Quiche 😉


  1. Cravings- I actually saw some sausage at Whole Foods yesterday and the thought of biting into it sounded really good. I knew that it actually wouldn’t, so I got some vegan “Chicken fried tofu” with mash potatoes and walked on by.

  2. Aversions- Still the same: Sundried tomatoes, peanut sauce, stirfry, curry, and meat smells. I just can’t. Still.

What I miss:

  1. Sleeping on my tummy and back (still my number one miss!)(I’m not changing this…ever)

  2. Wearing half the clothes in my closet.

Nursery: The mirror and pull-up bar are finally in and they look so adorable! I’ll be writing a “Montessori-inspired Nursery” post with more photos next month so stay tuned for that.

Baby Purchases: I didn’t need to buy anything this week because I was literally SHOWERED with amazing gifts from friends and family! I got books, swaddles, clothes, bath toys, towels, diapers and much more. I am so grateful for all the gifts! We couldn’t have bought all this stuff ourselves, so thank you! Check out the post I wrote about it here.

Just a few of the goodies I was given!

My mom spent hours knitting this beautiful cotton blanket! Thanks mom, baby will LOVE it!

Can’t wait for: Our mini photo-shoot with Rachel Hendrick on Saturday. I get to put on my flower crown again (that she made!) and smile with my gorgeous hubby, Daniel. I’ll try give you a sneak peak on our Insta, but I can’t promise anything – I always forget to post stories!

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend everyone!

Till next week,

We are packing a “birthing center” bag with extras in case we need to be transferred to the hospital. What are some of the essentials that I need?


Read next week’s update: Vegan Pregnancy Update {35 weeks}

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