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Vegan Summer Smoothie Popsicles

Make room in your freezer this Summer for these refreshing Smoothie Pops. Not only do they look amazing – they are literally a healthy smoothie in a popsicle. Forget the artificial dyes and sugar rush, your children will be reciting Pi to the 100th decimal with the nutrition packed in these beauties!

My husband and I took these to the pool the other day and, I’m telling you, I could have made enough money to buy a stroller if we had set up a little Popsicle stand. Maybe next week.

Before we get to the recipe (only 6 ingredients ladies and gentlemen) let’s talk popsicle molds for a second. Ensley and I tested two different molds that I bought and it was quite a sight to see. Let’s just say Ensley ended up with juice dripping all over her hand, and down on to her foot.

Bed Bath & Beyond Zoku Classic Popsicle Molds $14.99

World Market – Popsicle Makers $4.99

As you can see, the white Zoku Classic Pops Mold from Bed Bath & Beyond is definitely the prettier option. If you need the popsicles for a photoshoot then these are they way to go. However, let’s just say, you might need an adult bib or full wet suit to keep dry while eating these. Kid friendly, not so much.

The World Market Popsicle Makers are by far the more practical option. And they are way cheaper. They have a little drip tray to catch any juice and came with half the packaging of the other ones. Win, win.

Have fun cooling down this Summer (or maybe even this weekend) with these delicious Summer Smoothie Pops thanks to One Lovely Life.

Do you have a favorite vegan popsicle recipe? Let us know, we’d love to try it out!

Vegan Summer Smoothie Popsicles

Course Snack

Servings 10

Author One Lovely Life


For the pineapple swirl:

  1. 1½ cups pineapple

  2. 1 cup mangos

  3. ½ cup - ¾ cup coconut milk (I use canned)

For the strawberry swirl:

  1. 2 cups strawberries

  2. 3-4 Tbsp orange juice

  3. 1 Tbsp maple syrup


For the pineapple swirl:

Place ingredients in a blender and puree until completely smooth. Add additional coconut milk as needed.

For the strawberry swirl:

Place ingredients in a blender and puree until completely smooth.

To assemble:

Alternate scoops of pineapple and strawberry smoothies into popsicle molds. Insert popsicle molds and freeze until completely solid.

Ready to eat:

Rinse under warm water for a few minutes until you can slide the popsicle out. Enjoy!


Fresh or frozen fruit (or a combination) all works for this recipe.

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