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Wellness Coaches and Ambassadors Wanted: We are Hiring - work from home

Attention all lovers of health and wellness, this post is for you!

How would you like to get paid to live your healthiest, happiest, most inspired life - while helping others do the same?

The Healthstyle Emporium is expanding globally ~

Our mission is to inspire healthy living around the world & we would love your help to do that ~ inspiring a lifestyle of holistic health, nourishment and nutrition.

This is for you if:

  • You want to improve your own health and wellness and help others do the same

  • You want more passion + purpose

  • You want to level up your personal development - vision, mindset, confidence

  • You want to travel and work remotely or work from home

  • You spend time on social media already

  • You are searching for community + purpose

  • You are self-driven and self-motivated

  • You want more income alongside your 9-5 or

  • You feel unfulfilled in your job or current situation

  • You want to choose your own work hours

  • You are already a coach, PT or health professional and want to add value to what you offer your clients

  • You are a health and wellness lover


This time last year I was feeling a little stuck in my role as a mum and lonely as an expat in a new country yet again. I absolutely love my kids but it felt like everything in the whole world revolved around them and nothing was left for me. I knew the example I wanted to set for them was a mum who looked after herself, went after her dreams, worked hard for her goals and was the healthiest and happiest mum who inspired them to do the same.

I knew I needed to level up my mindset and if nothing changed, nothing changed. I did not want to be typing out this blog post in the same situation as I was and I'm so grateful to say I'M LIVING A COMPLETELY INSPIRED LIFE because of the community I have found in The Healthstyle Emporium.

Inspiring healthy living was always something that was important to me, since the good old days of Rebelle Kitchen (who has been around since then?) when I had a vegan food and lifestyle blog. BUT I was not making any income from all my efforts and when I heard that I could, I was all ears. I tried reaching out to brands to get collaborations and sponsored posts and I got a few but working by yourself trying to do all the reachouts was even more lonely and I was tired of figuring out how to own a brand and business by myself.


I decided I did not want to be




uncommitted to my health and wellness

playing small

I joined The Healthstyle Emporium in January last year and its been the most fun and inspiring year of my life. I have spent more time with my kids because I only had to work part time in my other job as a Montessori Teacher (working as an EA at the moment). I could spend time with my hubby during the day because he works nights and so we don't get any evening time after the kids are asleep. I got creative in sharing content and had fun making videos to share on my Instagram

I found friends to meet for brunch here in Perth, friends to chat online in Portugal, USA, Canada, UK and around Australia. I get to travel for conferences to Gold Coast, Brisbane this year and have fun events in Perth every month! This month's is called ELEVATE and its a vision board event in Osborne Park - happy to share details if you are keen to come.

So, I know how inspired I am now and how grateful I am that I joined this community, I am asking you if you want to join us and make 2024 YOUR BEST YEAR.


What do we do with The Healthstyle Emporium?

~ We share a holistic lifestyle with healthy habits, our personal development journey and our plant based nutrition product to nourish our body, mind and bring balance in all areas of our life!

What you will get with The Healthstyle Emporium

  • A fun, supportive community where we learn and grow in all areas of our life and health

  • Social media training from experts with 100k+ followers

  • Soulful Women in Business Coaching from 6 figure earners in the holistic health and wellness niche

  • A website to share and earn commission on our plant based products

  • Incentive trips to earn - the next one is in Uluru, Australia and I can't wait to qualify!

  • Graphics, social media content planners.

  • Weekly personal development calls/training to improve mindset, confidence and crush limiting beliefs

  • Yearly conferences and events all around the world-to meet and be inspired by the incredible humans in our community

  • 1:1 Mentorship and coaching calls if you want and need individual support

  • Friends all around the world ;)

  • Healthy habits to support your wellbeing long-term

  • Uncapped income potential that you can earn based on your own efforts - this can be a side hustle or a major life changing income opportunity

  • All the resources available on The Healthstyle Emporium health hub - videos on gut health, balancing hormones, cycle syncing guide, workouts, recipes and so much more!

Are you interested in finding out more to see if this is a good fit for you?

Where to go from here?

To find out more about partnering with The Healthstyle Emporium

Reply HSE to this e-mail,

comment HSE on this blog post,

fill in THIS FORM

and we can chat about what you are looking for to see if this could be a good fit for you.

Can't wait to chat, our team is expanding all over the world and we are welcoming new partners every single day who, like me, are so grateful for the opportunity to work from home, earn some extra income around our current jobs, and lead a fulfilling life with purpose, passion and community!

If you are looking to improve your health and wellness this year this is the perfect way for you to start!

Cheers to a vibrant 2024, so glad you are here, appreciate all your support, kind comments, likes, shares, photos of you doing workouts, or making recipes!


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Hi, I'm Kendra

I am a qualified Montessori teacher and yoga teacher up to my ears in diapers, toy cars and the best kisses a mama can handle. I am passionate about connecting with moms and supporting each other on this journey of motherhood. I share family-friendly recipes, my pregnancy, postpartum and parenting journey, Montessori inspiration, and products we loveI am a South African living in the US with my hubby and two boys.

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