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What’s In My Birthing Bag

You know those people (Ensley) that pack a small carry-on-size bag when they go away for the weekend? Well that’s not me. I don’t think it’s ever been me. When I go away for a weekend it looks like I’ve packed the whole house in the car and are moving out. Actually, Daniel takes the bags to the car (sorry love!). I have one big bag that fits most of my clothes, one shoe bag, a toiletry bag and my backpack that I cram last minute things into as I head out the door. My motto is always, “Just in case.” Don’t let me forget the snack bag for the car and the massive cooler with vegan food for the weekend. Then there’s the golf clubs (x2), tennis rackets, camping/beach chairs, umbrella, and I like my own pillows so those go in too. What are we going to do when we have a baby? I can already see they come with a lot of baggage!

So, in planning for the birth of our little one, I really wanted to try just take the essentials. As you may know, the plan was to give birth at Baby + Company; a birthing center that has a partnership with Novant Presbyterian Hospital around the corner. I was hoping for a water birth (hence the bikini top and bathing suit skirt) but that plan went down the drain when my waters were meconium stained (birth story coming soon I promise!!). At the birthing center, I would have stayed for about 4 hours after birth and then I would have gone home! A Midwife comes to check on you in your own home the next day and we would have gone to the Pediatrician the following day.

Take a look at what I had in my birthing bag:


  1. Towel

  2. Hot water bottle

  3. Brush, hairbands, pin

  4. Plastic bag

  5. Coconut Oil

  6. Shampoo and Conditioner

  7. Robe

  8. Bathing suit skirt (I cut out the ‘bikini bottom’ inserts)

  9. Bikini

  10. Nursing bra

  11. Nursing cami

  12. Button-down Pjs (4 colors at $19.99 each, love them all!)

  13. Juice Plus nutrition

  14. Facecloth

  15. Panties

  16. Going home clothes

  17. Mints

  18. Planet Wise wet bag (This is actually my reusable diaper pail bag)

  19. Nursing pads

  20. Sanitary pads

  21. Nipple cream

  22. Earbud headphones

  23. Deodorant (different scent here)

  24. Toothbrush and toothpaste

  25. Socks

  26. Metronome (I love breathing to a beat)

  27. Nursing scarf


The black pajamas and robe were AMAZING. They were so ideal for breastfeeding and were loose and comfortable. I didn’t use the bikini, skirt, hot water bottle, metronome, or earphones when I labored at home. I didn’t need the nursing scarf or nursing bra either, butI wore the nursing cami under my clothes for going home and I wear them everyday at home now.

Daniel did not pack enough clothes at all poor guy!


  1. Three outfits, one was for a baby girl, one for a baby boy and one extra “just in case.”

  2. Swaddle blanket

  3. Diapers

Baby-girl Deane’s going home outfit. 

Baby-boy Deane’s going home outfit. Oliver look so cute in this!

Baby outfit #3 just in case. This is my favorite sleeping outfit – so comfy for Oliver.


  1. Boardshorts (Swimming trunks – similar)

  2. Button down shirt

  3. Change of clothes

His list is intense right?! Haha.

Obviously I’ll had snacks and water ready to go as well but unfortunately we left for the hospital so quickly that they didn’t make it to the car, ahhhh! This was what I had planned to take and did end up snacking on them during my labor at home:

Fruit, smoothie, popsicles, Juice Plus Complete shakes, vitamin water, and granola bars.

So, all in all, I was pretty happy with what I took and we had an excellent hospital stay but were excited to get home to our own bed. What a journey it has been so far.

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