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15 moves in 15 years

Can you believe it, for the 15th time in 15 years of marriage...WE ARE MOVING AGAIN!!!!

No way, you don't believe me that we have lived in 14 houses in the last 15 years. I wouldn't if you said the same thing!

So here they are:

  1. 2008 in Hilton. Our first little one bedroom cottage in someone's backyard. Back then I was studying my Bachelor's of Education degree, working part time as a music teacher and ironing Daniel's work shirts (never did that again after the first year!)

  2. 2009 We moved into a two bedroom cottage right next door to my childhood home in Hilton! I distinctly remember my dad passing sugar (or was it milk) over the fence when we ran out one day 😂

  3. In 2010 we got jobs in Durban but hadn't found a place to rent so rented a beautiful garden cottage from Daniel's aunt and uncle in Hillcrest.

  4. Later in 2010 we found a place to rent very close to the school I got a job at, Sherwood Primary. We lived there for two years.

  5. In 2012 we moved to South Korea and lived in an apartment in Deagu for 8 months. After that we travelled to America for 3 months and stayed with my Mom and Step dad but I'm not counting that because it wasn't a move, just a holiday basically.

  6. Still 2012 we moved back to South Africa in December and rented my aunt and uncle's farm cottage in Howick. I got a job as a receptionist at Custom IT in town and Daniel went back to work with my Uncle.

  7. In 2013 we moved into my childhood home with my Dad and brother while applying for visas and things to move to the US.

  8. In 2013 I moved to the US by myself because I had to sponsor Daniel's green card by getting a job, bank account , credit cards etc. I stayed with a friend for 2 months before moving to an apartment in Matthews. Daniel joined me after 3 months. It was a tough time apart for me trying to start a new life doing all the admin things without him.

  9. 2015 We bought our first house! It was such a lovely house. WAY too big for us but we needed up having a family of four live with us for a year so turns out the extra space came in handy! We lived here for 2 years. I went to au pair in France for 2 months during this time but didn't count it since it was more like a holiday 🌊

  10. In 2017 We decided to downsize before Oliver was born so I didn't have to go back to work so we sold and rented at an apartment in Charlotte near Pineville. So many special and tough memories about life with a newborn.

  11. 2018 My cousin was renting their house out and it became available so we jumped at the opportunity. Their house was in the Cotswold area and it had a backyard and lovely neighbors! Taking Oliver on walks everyday in the stroller was just so beautiful and important for my well-being. I will remember my route for years to come!

  12. 2019 Our cousins were coming back to the US and wanted to move into their house so we packed up and put our things in storage. We house sat for some friends of friends and then went back to France, to the same family I au paired for back in 2016 but I took my 19 month son and husband (who worked from home). It was an incredible time. Not counting it since we were just staying with friends. When we came back (after a trip to South Africa as well lucky us!) we stayed with my mom and step dad until our rental in Indian Trail was ready!

  13. 2021 I had Callum at the Indian Trail rental and we went through the C*vid lockdown so we were so grateful for a big house, amazing back yard and incredible neighbors during this time. We decided to move to Australia so we sold everything and said goodbye to family and friends. We had been in USA almost 8 years 😭 We travelled to South Africa which was supposed to be just a visit. We rented an air BNB for 3 months which I'm not counting but maybe should because we still had to move in and then pack up and move out again because Australia locked down and wouldn't let us in. Flights were cancelled and so we found a furnished place to rent in World's View for a year.

  14. 2022 We moved to Australia! And are living in my biological grandfather's house! It's in an incredible neighborhood with the most lovely neighbors but they are selling the house and we don't want to buy it so this brings us to the fact that the next house we move to in a couple months will be the 15th move in 15 years of marriage. How bloody crazy is that!!!!!!

2008 Hilton

2009 Hilton

2010 Don't have pics of our Hillcrest cottage

2010 Durban

2012 South Korea

2012 Loi and Alan's farm

2013 My childhood home

2013 Matthews apartment

2014 Home owners

2016-2017 Charlotte apartment

2018 Cousin's rental house

2019 Indian Trail

2021 World's View, South Africa

2022 Moved to Perth, Australia!

2023- Moving somewhere else in Perth!

We are busy looking at rentals in Perth at the moment along with the rest of the world it seems because there are so many people at all the viewings and they are saying how long it's taken them to find a rental because there are just too many people looking compared to the number of rentals available. So wish us luck! If we could have everything on our list it would be:

➕Cul de sac or quiet street


➕Grassy backyard

➕Back porch/entertaining area

➕One level house

➕Open plan

➕Light and bright

➕ Ceiling fans/air conditioning

➕Gas stove

Think I covered everything hahaha. What are your must haves???


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