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Learning to love my postpartum body + Oliver’s 5-month update

5 month old Oliver wearing my brother’s old cap.

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Birth storyMonth 1 & 2 (oh gosh – this was a hectic time), Month 3, Month 4

Since I was young I’ve been athletic and active. I’ve never had to watch what I eat or really work at keeping slim and trim. During my pregnancy I gained 20-ish lbs, and I stayed fit and active through yoga teacher training. Two weeks after giving birth, my arms were still slim and my belly was disappearing.

Oliver got reflux and colic after those first two weeks so I ate trying to pass the time until Daniel came home from work. I baked a lot of chocolate chip cookies that my body decided to store for extra padding. Newsflash body: We’re good now. Feel free to let it go.

It wasn’t until January that I realized I did not feel at home in my body. I didn’t love what I saw when I looked in the mirror, and knew I wanted to make some changes when I saw photos of myself.

This is one of the uncropped photos that I didn’t love of my belly and arms.

I decided it was time to get in some sort of exercise routine and work on not overeating. I started doing yoga and abs a couple times a week, and started going for a walk every afternoon. I still can’t fit into 90% of the clothes in my closet and it’s so frustrating, but I am making progress already. I know my body is amazing and had the strength to give birth, but that doesn’t make me love my belly that still looks like I’m five months pregnant.

The funny thing is, when Oliver looks at me and gives me a beautiful smilethe insecurities seem to fade for that moment and I realize that I don’t need to “bounce back.” I’m working on my body and I should love it along the way.

On to Oliver…


  1. Day: Oliver still naps for about 30 minutes before a feed, which equals 4-5 naps during the day. I know he’s tired and will eventually go down, but he still fights his naps. After rocking and shushing him, I can sometimes put him down, pat his little bum and walk out and he will fall asleep, but lately he cries so much after I put him down that I pick him up and try again. I just can’t let him “cry it out” right now. It physically and emotionally hurts me to hear him cry like that. We’ll get it one day or another.

  2. Night: Oliver goes to sleep at about 9:30 pm and starts stirring at 8:00 am, but is really awake by 8:30 am. I love peeking over the end of my bed (he sleeps on a crib mattress on the floor) to see his sweet face smile brightly at me. I love sleep so I am thrilled he is a champion at night. I would really like him to go to bed a little earlier but I don’t know how to make that happen without possibly losing night sleep and that can’t happen. Any suggestions?


  1. Day: Oliver feeds on one side every 2ish hours. I just feed him when he’s hungry and am not worried about times and schedules. I love breastfeeding now that he isn’t screaming through the whole thing. He popped two teeth last week and has bit me a couple times while feeding. What a fright I got the first time. I literally shouted “ouch!” and I think he has now associated biting with getting a fright, so he hasn’t done it since. #holdingthumbs #crossingfingers

  2. Night: Ollie feeds a couple extra times in the evening before bed. This is the time when he feeds from both sides, probably because my supply is lower. He usually falls asleep after/during the last feed and we hold him upright for 10 minutes before putting him to bed.


  1. Holds his feet with his hands. Happy baby pose.

  2. Popped two bottom teeth.

  3. Reaches for everything.

  4. Can see us from a lot further away.

  5. Uses his feet to help maneuver toys around.

Fun tid bits

  1. When he is falling asleep on his mattress, he sucks his thumb with one hand, and rubs the mattress with the other in a clockwise motion. It’s so cute to watch. If he is falling asleep on our chests, he will rub our arm. I die every time.

  2. He goes to the gym childcare once or twice a week and when we went for the second time, one of the ladies said, “Oh, hello Oliver!” and tells the other lady, “He is such a smiley boy!” Talk about mama’s heart melting.

  3. He doesn’t seem to be anywhere near crawling, but he really wants to. He lifts all his arms and legs off the floor, as if that’s going to get him anywhere. But at least it’s a good workout.

  4. He doesn’t like sitting on his bum. He tries to hold himself up with his hands, but ends up doing faceplants onto the carpet. He much prefers standing- with my help obviously.

  5. Bath time with Dad is still his favorite. He can play with his rubber ducky now! And he loves sucking on the wet washcloth.

  6. His nails grow so quickly, I can hardly keep up with trimming them. “Mipping” as I used to call it growing up 😉

Have you struggled with your body image? What helps/helped you?

What is your baby learning these days? Teething? Solids?

I’m going to South Africa to visit family in 2 weeks and I need all the tips and tricks for international travel with a 5 month old. Eeeeeeek! Send them my way please!

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