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My First Hot Yoga Class

I can’t believe that I did my yoga teacher training at Y2 Yoga last year and only took my first hot yoga class three weeks ago! Craaaaazy! Granted I was pregnant for what felt like the whole year (January 1 – October 6) and I had never done a hot yoga class before so I didn’t want to start something new with baba on board. I was excited to try the hot class but thought I was going to come out grumbling that I would never do that again. Boy, was I wrong! I loved it!

Figuring out what picture to take after Mallory’s (pictured on the left) class. Don’t ask me what I’m doing because I honestly can’t tell you. Check out one of her classes, she is awesome!

This picture is taken AFTER class! Just take a look at those smiles: pure joy!

Here’s some of my thoughts:

  1. It’s hot for a reason.

I did not think I was going to enjoy it being so hot in there when I already sweat enough as it is in “normal” weather but I loved how I could go deeper in my forward folds and my skin felt so dewey and amazing at the end. I did go out into the cool passage for a quick breath of fresh air before going back in to crush the rest of the flow.

  1. Don’t go somewhere nice afterwards. 

I was still sweating 2-3 hours after a lovely cool shower. Thank goodness I was just at home and sweating was acceptable. Now, if I was to go somewhere straight after yoga, that would be a problem.

  1. I love power yoga.

I was just reminded how much I love going to a studio where I can be led in a challenging flow. I’m really struggling with my home practice as I don’t push myself to do the best I can in the amount of time I have. I also love learning from other yogis that are doing amazing variations, inversions and arm balances that I haven’t tried yet. They give me confidence to try new things on my mat.

  1. It’s just an hour.

Honestly, it is super hot but it’s just for an hour and then you are done. It feels so good to sweat out everything like a mini detox, so just push through it and drink lots of water before and after.

  1. I have personal bubble problems.

I seriously need to work on being comfortable with doing yoga with people right next to me. I have a thing about wanting more space between me and the other person, which is why I sometimes choose to put my mat next to someone so I can get out of my comfort zone. Psyco-analyze that for me 😉

I love the dewey glow post hot yoga 😉

I wish I could go to Y2 everyday but my 3 week special ended and we just can’t afford to have a gym membership for the pool and Daniel’s workouts, as well as pay for my yoga and childcare. The two power yoga classes at our gym are just at the wrong time for Olli’e naps so I rarely get there. I was actually called out of the class two weeks ago because he couldn’t be calmed poor guy. Anyway, we will work something out!

Have you tried hot yoga? What do you think?

Where do you do yoga?

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