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Vegan Meal Plans June 11-17

I was asked by a number of you lovely readers to share my meal plans so I’ll be posting something very simple like this each week for you to hopefully get some ideas for your own meal planning.

I usually look through my cookbooks, check out beautiful pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #veganmeals or #veganfood, or search good ‘ole Pinterest for some inspiration. I don’t necessarily need a recipe to follow as I usually do my own thing anyway, but sometimes it’s nice to follow instructions and not wing it.

I am very flexible with the plans and usually have most of the ingredients for all of the meals by Monday or Tuesday so I can chop and change if I don’t feel like what’s on the menu for a certain day. I also love to cook enough to have leftovers at least twice a week because cooking every single night is a bit much with a baby and honestly its the clean up that I don’t enjoy, haha.

Here are this week’s plans:

  1. Monday: Fusilli Salad

  2. Tuesday: Leftovers

  3. Wednesday: Rice Bowls

  4. Thursday: Leftovers

  5. Friday: Spinach + Cashew Ricotta Dumplings with salad

  6. Saturday: Homemade Pizza

  7. Sunday: Father’s Day lunch leftovers TBD

I absolutely love our new rug from Rugs USA.

We are still giving single puree and finger foods, but sometimes two on the same night, to our 8 month old Oliver. We will be doing combinations soon and it will be so fun to see if he is going to enjoy those. Ollie’s dinner is probably going to be:

  1. Monday: Cauliflower

  2. Tuesday: Avocado

  3. Wednesday: Green beans (first time trying this) + avocado

  4. Thursday: Butternut + green beans

  5. Friday: Sweet Potato + green beans

  6. Saturday: Peas (first time trying this)

  7. Sunday: Peas + Carrots

What are your go-to meals each week?

What combinations of purees do your babies enjoy?



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