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You're invited to our Wellness App 💌

As a mum it’s a struggle to balance and juggle all the things right?

healthy meals,

endless snacks,




and then exercise as well!



Trying to find time to workout and plan healthy meals is hard but you’re not alone in feeling lost or not knowing where to start.

We wanted to help busy mums have easy, affordable access to workouts and recipes + meal plans so the WELLNESS APP powered by Fitillion was born.

mum doing a home workout on a yoga mat

I’ve used this app consistently now and absolutely love how easy it is to fit in workouts around my busy life as a mum of two boys. I can workout with my friends online from the comfort of my own home in three time options 17, 29 or 42 minutes.

Wellness App Workouts from home

The Wellness App is incredible, fun effective workouts and yummy healthy recipes and meal plans


You're invited to take part...

I'm so excited to announce we have a WELLNESS CHALLENGE starting soon soon soon. July 15, 2024.

I'm in the middle of a 10 day detox at the moment and I'm feeling full of energy and motivated to continue with yummy healthy meals each week and workouts from our new Wellness App powered by Fitillion. I can't wait to start the WELLNESS CHALLENGE and level up my healthy habits for 6 weeks.

July 15th - August 19th

Over 6 weeks, you will learn to implement healthy routines and habits

Who is this Challenge for?

>People feeling lost or overwhelmed in their wellness journey.
>People needing workout options and healthy recipes and meal plans.
>Anyone wanting to connect with a supportive community and expert guidance in fitness and nutrition
>People looking for motivation and exciting rewards to stay on track.
Workout from home on your phone or tv


  • Personalised workout plans tailored to your fitness goals.

  • Easy to follow, instructor-led workouts.

  • Customised nutritional meal plans to keep your diet on point.

  • Exclusive access to wellness webinars.

  • A supportive community to connect with like-minded people.

  • A chance to win a share of $5,000 in prizes.


6 week challenge

Wellness Webinars

Each week, you’ll receive exclusive entry to Wellness Webinars led by an industry experts on the topic of the week. Plus join specific workout sessions to dive deeper into each topic before your workout. 

wellness webinars

I can't wait to see everyone on the leaderboard and cheer each other on with the workouts and healthy meals. The recipes are simple and delicious and you can even order meals through the app if you want!

After you join the Wellness App you can even purchase the Smart Scale and Heart Rate Monitor that integrate with the Fitillion App if you want to elevate your fitness experience.

or you can win them with an amazing transformation in the 6 Week Challenge!

prizes heart rate monitor and smart scale

client testimonial

Click here for go to the 6 week Wellness Challenge Website for more information for how to join!

I'm looking forward to getting healthy and happy with you!

Will you join me for the 6 Week Challenge?

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Hi, I'm Kendra

I am a qualified Montessori teacher and yoga teacher up to my ears in diapers, toy cars and the best kisses a mama can handle. I am passionate about connecting with moms and supporting each other on this journey of motherhood. I share family-friendly recipes, my pregnancy, postpartum and parenting journey, Montessori inspiration, and products we loveI am a South African living in the US with my hubby and two boys.

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