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How do you like Australia?

I really can't believe that as of April 2nd, we have been in Australia for a whole year already!

We had an epic journey from USA to South Africa (got stuck there for a year!) then we made the big move across to Australia last year April. I wrote a little bit about leaving the USA here, but the last 18 months I was not feeling inspired to write here on the blog so I just went with the no-flow and didn't. But I am ready to share a little more, maybe a little simpler, but people still read blogs right? Anybody out there? Please hit reply and tell me if you read blog still!

Ok, well the question I get all the time is "How do you like Australia?"

I absolutely LOVE it! It honestly feels like the home away from home I was looking for. Living by the beach has been so inspiring and healing for me. I feel a huge sense of PEACE when I go to the beach and it sees me though the joys and challenges of being a mom.

I love sunsets over the ocean.

I love how every 10 seconds in the car you pass a park.

I love how every second person you meet is from another country too.

I love how clean and beautiful the city and river are.

I love the short drive to the hills for hikes to see waterfalls.

I love the crystal clear turquoise ocean.

I love the open houses with no electric fences, high walls and barbed wire.

I love how casual it is here.

I do not, however, love the BIRDS.

Oh my goodness, Daniel and I couldn't sleep properly for a week getting used to the absolute racquet the birds here make in the mornings. The crows are next level sounding like children calling for their moms. The cockatoos (like all 100 of them) squawk noisily in the trees outside our house and let me not get started on the magpies. That's for another day. I know I know, super dramatic. I can't help it. But we did start sleeping again after we got used to the birds and jet lag.

Oliver started at a wonderful Montessori school and I did relief teaching (assistant) there the last two terms. I absolutely love the Montessori Philosophy and am so glad I stumbled upon it years ago in the US. I am part time with a wonderful teacher from Ireland, who makes me laugh and gets us through the crazy days with 3-6year olds. Oliver has done soccer and Tball and continues to show us what an amazing little sportsman he is. He has a natural talent and intense competitive spirit and I love watching him grow and learn how to be a good sport on and off the sports field.

Callum is two and a half now and is such a joy. The language development from 2 years old until now has been explosive. He is so fun to listen to and is really starting to enjoy music. He tells us to turn up the volume to the radio in the car every single morning to school. He loves his balance bike and is starting to show an interest in sports which is too cute.

Daniel continues to work for an Irish company that has clients in the states so he works from home from lunch time to midnight basically with a break for supper and to do the bed time routine which is very much a two person job with two tired kids.

I am enjoying crossfit, going to the beach, being the teacher assistant three days a week, doing yoga and most recently joining The Healthstyle Emporium as a health and wellness ambassador.

I'm thinking about starting teaching yoga again as well! I just love how much the practice has helped me. I really want to create space for moms to have the opportunity to relax and take a breath and break from the business and relentlessness of motherhood. Would you go to a class like that?

Cheers to me showing up more here. Let me know if you have any questions about our life here in Australia!

My next post is going to be a big family update, make sure to give that one a read!

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