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Surprise...We've Moved Across The World

Oh my goodness, we pulled off the best surprise ever! I don't even know where to start to fill you in, but I'll try!

We have moved back to South Africa for a while! We have been thinking about this for a year or two but when my sister-in-law had her 3rd baby boy two months ago, we knew we wanted some time for all the cousins to be together. I grew up with two of my cousins and it was the best. We were all adopted so it was very normal in my family to be adopted, haha!

Anyway, I digress. When we decided to come back to South Africa for an extended time (we still don't know how long we will be here) I knew right away I wanted to surprise Daniel's family. My Dad sometimes surprised his American family with a visit at Christmas and those visits are always the ones I remember the most because of everyone's amazing reactions.

We told Daniel's dad and he spilled the beans to Daniel's sister but we were able to give Daniel's mom the biggest surprise ever!! She had NO CLUE and it was so much fun to see how excited she was to have us here. She was sitting with Callum (who hadn't met any of Daniel's family or my Dad) and said she couldn't believe her day ended like this, how wonderful!

Daniel chose the way he wanted to surprise her and it was very funny. So, my mom took Marelize to coffee so we could come in the house and hide, then when she was home again, Kirsty asked if her mom could go get Matthew from the crib. We put Callum in the crib instead of Matthew and so when mom went in there she was so confused. She was like "Who's this baby? This baby looks like Callum?" and then was still confused for a second but then Daniel peeked his head around the door and we all just cried happy tears (as we told Oliver) and gave hugs all 'round.

After three people filmed the epic surprise, we didn't get any photos unfortunately. I took the above screenshot of the video so sorry it's blurry. We had dinner with everyone, including my mom, dad and aunty and it was just the best to all sit around the table.

Anyway, we couldn't say anything on social media because Mom Deane follows me very closely and we didn't want to give away anything! So, sorry you were kept in the dark with this whole process but it was totally worth it to pull off a once in a lifetime surprise.

I'll share more about the process of selling everything we own, and flying across the world with two little ones soon but I wanted to fill you in on where in the world we were all this time. We are back in Hilton, where I grew up, and for those of you that are close, please say hi!!!

The kids have jet lag so I better go to sleep before one or both are awake again. The first night was rough, and the second night was worse, but hoping each night gets better and better before they finally can sleep through the night again!

Guys, I have to tell you about the flights (yes, all three of them!) and garage sale and everything in between but I'll save that for another post! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We will be finding good coffee shops with friends and family, unpacking and doing washing.

Have you ever surprised anyone with something, I'd love to know!?

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