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Welcome to Ever Deane

I wanted to write a quick blog post to commemorate the launch of my new site - Ever Deane. I'm so excited to start sharing under my new name and logo, and on this new site. I just felt like I outgrew Rebelle Kitchen and really wanted something that represented my family and could be used for more than just food stuff.

I LOVE talking about this season of life that I'm in - a mom of two littles, and I'm passionate about supporting other moms (or future moms, grannies, all of you!) on your journey as well. There is so much advice out there, and I really hope you don't see what I share as advice, or me telling you what to do. That's not what I'm out to do at all, I'm sure you get a lot of people telling you unsolicited advice. I'm sharing our cloth nappy journey, or introduction to solids, just as a story for you to read and hopefully get some encouragement from, and maybe even inspiration because we all do things so differently. And you know what...thank goodness, because life would be really boring if we all thought the same.

Family sitting on steps
Tickling to get a natural smile

Why Ever Deane?

It's kind of a play on words like "evergreen" trees. I hope that in the seasons of change and uncertainty, that my family can cling to each other be strong together.

But it's also like "forever" Deane, as I promised to be married to my babe for as long as I live. Ahhh!

Designing the website with Wix

I decided to switch from Wordpress to Wix and so far I'm really loving it. I didn't feel like I could customize the Wordpress design and make changes to give it a re-vamp, so I started looking elsewhere. I watched a few videos about designing a website with Wix and tried it out and was hooked! It is so easy to add anything you want with strips and blocks for pictures, text and videos, and I could save my designs to use across multiple pages which was super helpful. I am really happy with how it turned out and I love how if I need to edit something, I can do it so easily in a few clicks.

Also, I have to add how valuable Canva has been for all the graphic design elements. I imported dots and text and other elements that really added a lot to the site. I LOVE using Canva and if you are looking for an app or website to design almost anything (I'm designing my recipe ebook on there as well) then check it out!

What about Rebelle Kitchen?

I am going to keep the website for a little while I update all the links on Pinterest and each blog post (ahhh lots of work!!!) and redirect everyone to my new site, then I'll shut it down.

What's going to change?

Nothing really! I'm going to keep sharing everything that I love from Montessori inspiration, to recipes and family updates. I just needed a fresh start. I'd love to know what you love reading about here at Ever Deane?

Mom and two boys sitting on steps
I still can't believe I'm a mom of two boys

Thanks for all your kind words about the new name, logo and website! I appreciate you guys so much and love that you are following me as I navigate motherhood imperfectly but with a side of fun!

Have a great week!



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Hi, I'm Kendra

I am a qualified Montessori teacher and yoga teacher up to my ears in diapers, toy cars and the best kisses a mama can handle. I am passionate about connecting with moms and supporting each other on this journey of motherhood. I share family-friendly recipes, my pregnancy, postpartum and parenting journey, Montessori inspiration, and products we loveI am a South African living in the US with my hubby and two boys.

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