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Boy or Girl? Why We Aren’t Finding Out the Gender

In a calculated and over-organized world, we plan a lot. We have “To Do” lists, grocery lists (which are essential to me otherwise I don’t buy the item I needed in the first place) and meal plans on top of keeping up with appointments, meetings and chores you need to do around the house.

As a teacher, I possess many organizational and management skills (no, I’m not applying for a job right now), including thinking ahead 20 steps in order to avoid potential disasters. These skills are vital as a teacher so you don’t end up in the middle of the Schiele Museum with one little first grader who needs the bathroom and 21 other faces wanting to go see the Space Hall…. “Uh, a little help over here please?”

As a mother-to-be (if not already) and a recovering control freak, I am always looking for ways to chill out and practice my motto:

‘Let go’

So, when we found out I was pregnant I knew that one of the ways I could completely be in the moment and enjoy the pregnancy (after the 1st trimester, blaaaa) was to only find out the gender when our sweet little one took his/her first breaths in the new world.

So far, it’s been amazing. I’m not planning the ballet schedule, enrolling our precious in swimming lessons, going crazy buying clothes (but seriously, have you seen the cute clothes?), doing the nursery, or arguing about names and circumcision. I’m just going slow, taking in these moments of quiet before we have a little one to think about.

So, dearest baby Deane, I hope you are comfy in there and I hope I am creating a beautiful little haven for you that’s full of peace and love. I can’t wait to meet you but you take your time and grow nicely, ok!

–Love, your Mum–

Everyone is different and that’s so important! What are your thoughts? Any advice about continuing to be chill rather than a mom-zilla?


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