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I’m sure you all know the feeling you get after trolling Instagram or Facebook (or both, let’s be real) until your neck hurts or your eyes start to burn? Technology is amazing but it can be like a black hole sometimes.

I struggle balance wanting to watch ALL the shows, catch up on social media and

There are a few things that have helped me have more of a balance where I can enjoy my tech, but still be productive in other areas of my life:

  1. Phone in the living room

If you’re like me and work from home, waking up and immediately checking your phone is a bad idea. Scratch that-a TERRIBLE idea. Rather, leave your phone in the living room, get yourself an alarm clock (yes, a real alarm clock) so you can wake up and get that bum outta bed.

  1. Tech-free Tuesday and Thursday

Start small. My husband and I chose two nights of the week where we don’t watch TV, YouTube videos, or troll social media sites after dinner. Try one day a week and see how that goes! We chat, play board games, read and journal instead (ok – it’s just me doing the journaling).

  1. Set a timer (or a limit)

If you do need to catch up on the latest Minimalist Baker post, or Rawvana YouTube video, set a timer or a limit. What seems like a reasonable amount of time to let yourself scroll? 20 minutes, an hour, or just one episode instead of a whole season. (Oops!)

  1. Don’t take photos (of everything)

Going hiking? Enjoy the outdoors without the incessant clicking sound of the camera taking a photo. Breakfast with your BFF? Chew every bite, savor the delicious taste and engage in conversation, giving your friend your undivided attention.

  1. Break the rules

In the end, it’s your life. Do what you want. Do what makes you feel great! Fill your time with positive relationships and uplifting experiences that leave you wanting more real connections. Have fun!

Do you have any other suggestions or things that have worked for you? Leave us a comment below! 

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I am a qualified Montessori teacher and yoga teacher up to my ears in diapers, toy cars and the best kisses a mama can handle. I am passionate about connecting with moms and supporting each other on this journey of motherhood. I share family-friendly recipes, my pregnancy, postpartum and parenting journey, Montessori inspiration, and products we loveI am a South African living in the US with my hubby and two boys.

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