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Merry Christmas

Getting my little guy to smile by rolling his little car on his back!

Just wanted to say a very Merry Christmas to you today. We have always celebrated on Christmas Eve with dinner, reading the Christmas story and opening gifts with pudding. My grandpa would always tell it the best with one of the cousins on his lap, but him and my gran aren’t with us anymore so we just tell it ourselves as best as we can, or read it straight from scripture.

One year by parents thought it would be fun (it wasn’t) to let one of the kids tell the story. My brother was the youngest (very young) and cutest at the time so they kept asking him leading questions to get him to half tell the story but all the attention was on him and he got overwhelmed. The adults weren’t getting the hint that he was not coping so eventually he banged his hands on his head repeatedly and said, “I…just…don’t…remember!” Poor guy! The whole time, of course, I was the smarty pants older big sister waving my hand saying “I know, pick me!”

On Christmas Day we would open our stockings, go to Church, and have leftovers for lunch with the cousins. I absolutely love my cousins house. It is such a beautiful farm house in SA with the most gorgeous garden and yard. All the space you could ever need. I miss having tea with my mom and aunt on their porch, we have had so many good chats there. When I got married it actually worked out perfectly because we would do Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with his. We lived close enough that we could just travel to church with his folks in the morning. It’s days like these that we miss the family in SA so much more. Making the decision to move here to the states has been just what we needed but it’s not easy, especially for Daniel who has most of his family there. I think about his sacrifice every day.

Here in USA they have Christmas Eve services instead of Christmas Day services so we will go to church and then open Oliver’s gifts before tucking him in bed and eating dinner ourselves. We will open gifts, eat pudding, sing some carols and just have a good time. I made the apple cobbler recipe into a razleberry cobbler for something different. On Christmas morning I’m going to be waking up at home with my hubby and baby and we will open our stockings together. Don’t have plans for the rest of the day which is nice.

I know Christmas and other holidays alike can be a really hard time so I am so sorry if that’s you and I wish it could be different for you.

What holiday traditions do you have?

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