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Oliver’s 10 month update: Wanting all our food + developing his will

Catch up on previous updates:

This is by far my favorite post to write every month! I was going to stop when Ollie turned 12 months but that is only two posts away and I am in denial.

Loves his food!


  1. Stands and crab walks around benches, window sills, shelves and the ottoman.

  2. Gives open-mouthed, slobbery kisses when we say “kiss-kiss.”

  3. Can understand simple commands without using gestures, for example, “Go get the ball,” or “Give the ball to Mama please.”

  4. Repeats sounds we make. I’ve just recently taught him to say “ahhhh” so I can check if he has something in his mouth.

  5. Feeds himself finger foods, and especially loves his rice crackers.

  6. Pushes his leg through his pants to help me get him changed. It’s sometimes not as helpful as it sounds.

  7. Waves bye-bye or hello (but he also does the same action for pointing to the fan)

  8. Stands supporting himself with only one hand.

  9. Understands the signs for “changing nappy”, “bath”, “milk”, and “food”.

  10. When I ask him for a toy he is holding, he lets go of it, most of the time on my outstretched hand.

Ollie failed a few of the sections in his 9 month developmental checkup last month, but I am not worried at all. Those expectations seemed a little intense and it was mostly due to the fact that I hadn’t noticed (Is there space in-between his hand and a small toy?) or hadn’t given him cheerios or small foods to watch his fine motor skills etc. In any case, here are some of the things from the checklist that we are working on:

  1.  Clapping hands

  2.  Saying three words that mean something. He says “mama” and “dada” but those are the only ones that make sense right now.

  3. While holding on furniture, getting Ollie to lower down with control instead of falling or plopping onto his bum. We are also helping him to reach down for a toy and stand back up again which he did for the first time yesterday.

  4. Putting down a toy without dropping it and taking his hand off it.

  5. Patting/banging two toys together. He can bang one toy on the table or floor, but hasn’t banged two toys together yet.

  6. Finding hidden toys under a blanket. He does not seem interested in this game at all.

  7. Doing any baby sign. We have been doing signs since he was about 2/3 months old and still he does not do any on his own. I know he can understand a few though so that’s a positive. (Not on the checklist but we are still working on it anyway.)

His response to, “Do you want some lunch?”

Oliver is definitely starting to develop his own will. He knows what he wants (to explore the inside of the fridge) and gets mad with us if we take him away and close the door. He fusses and tries to throw his head back. I’m typing this while he is napping and he just threw his head back and hit the window sill because I moved him away from the blinds. I tried to ice it but if anyone has kept ice on a 10 month old’s head with success, give me a shout. He does not like to be redirected away from all the fun, dangerous, non-children-y things like the dishwasher (with sharp knives at the bottom), laundry, fireplace, and electrical outlets. He also pushes my face away or scratches me when he isn’t happy about something. We are trying to teach him to be gentle with our faces but he is having a tough time with that sometimes.

My mom says she is glad he is a little feisty because otherwise he would be a “cold fish.” She is the funniest.

He loves the pool! I’m still as white as I was on the first day of summer, humpf.

He falls asleep in his car seat waaaaay to easily. He is spilling out of this! What’s next?


  1. Day: Ollie still takes two naps a day. The first nap is almost exactly 1h 19minutes every time and the second one can be the same or just an hour. They are usually somewhere between 9:30-11:30am and 2-4pm. He cries and crawls to the baby gate before going down, but hasn’t figured out he can crawl back to his mattress, so I often have to go in one or twice to put him back before he falls asleep himself. He is doing so much better though!

  2. Night: Oliver had a couple tough nights with night wakings. It would either be an hour after he fell asleep or at about 4am. It wouldn’t be more than one a night (thank goodness), but three times it took him an hour and a half to go back down. Sheeesh. We try not pat him back to sleep as we want him to learn how to do it himself…but sometimes we are desperate to go back to sleep ourselves.


  1. Day: Oliver cut down his milk feedings quite a bit this month, and increased his solid food intake by like double. He only nurses 4 times in the day now and has 3 meals. His favorite purees are a concoction of sweet potato, apple with mashed avocado and organic sprouted tofu. He also likes those pouches that he sometimes gets at his Bongi’s house. He loves his multi-grain cereal in the morning with tiny pieces of cut up blackberry and also loves watermelon, rice crackers, and taking big bites of my sandwiches. I can’t eat or drink in front of him anymore, unless he is eating/drinking as well. We can’t fool him by putting his food on our plate, he knows the difference even if there isn’t any.

  2. Night: Ollie feeds to sleep at around 7:45/8pm and that’s it till about 7:00/7:30am.

Fun Tid Bits

  1. He loves to “dance” when I sing or play his bells and rattle. He shakes his little body and it is the sweetest thing.

  2. He turns the pages of books when we are reading to him, and loves to lift any flaps.

  3. His favorite books are “Baby Pets” and “Farm Animals” and those are the only ones he will sit on my lap through the entire “story.”

  4. Loves clicking his tongue.

  5. Changing him has become very tricky with all the twisting and protesting. I’m usually ok if he is not hungry, tired and he has something to hold.

  6. Oliver says “doh” for literally everything other than “mama” and “dada” – a dog, the fan, a block, the gate etc.

  7. He is always crossing his ankles.

  8. He loves being chased. We say, “I’m coming to get you!” and he squeals as he crawls away.

  9. Pushing his cardboard box around the living room is one of his favorite things to do, but hasn’t learned how to turn around when he crashes into the wall or bookshelf.

  10. Oliver LOVES going into Daniel’s office to play the guitar. He stands up and plucks the strings gently or bangs on the body pretty roughly. He enjoys sitting on Daniel’s lap while they play together and it is so wonderful to watch.

  11. He babbles nonsense sentences to himself and us and it melts our hearts to the core. He says, “Goo-gaa-dooo-daaa” and all sorts of other combinations in the highest sweetest voice ever!

Daniel and I having a quick coffee and smoothie at Breakmans in Matthews.


I am really getting into a nice routine with Oliver and he is such a pleasure to be with everyday. It really makes me feel more confident and content with where I am at and how I feel about myself. I haven’t been going to the gym lately so I’m trying to work out why. I’m struggling with getting motivated to do any yoga or cardio, even though I do want the results. Anyone else been there before?

I’m thankful for the supported core workout program from Flourishing Fit Moms that I have been good about doing three times a week. Kit and Robs have created such a variety of exercises that I have never even done before, but work!

This is where you’ll usually find me on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I cut my t-shirt (the horror) because I knew it was going to be hot and it was a little tight.

Daniel and I went to the Liverpool match in July and it was so good to get out with friends and give Ollie some time with my Mom and Stepdad. He loves them to bits! We have also gone out for coffee once or twice this month but haven’t done dinner (not a great time for getting Ollie down) or a movie yet so that’s on the list soon! I do miss the days that it was easy to go on dates and spend quality time together. What do you like to do to connect with your spouse?

Have a great week everyone!

What are your favorite things to make for baby’s breakfast, lunch or supper?

Oliver is spilling out of his car seat, what’s next after this one?

When did your little one start walking?

I’m still feeding to sleep at night, when did you stop doing that? Any tips?

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