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Oliver’s 4 month update: Goodnight, sleep tight

Our little vegan baby, Oliver, is 4 months old and now I understand how all parents say that time flies. (However, the first 2 months didn’t. Read about that here.) In the third month, the fog lifted and now that we are really having fun, the weeks are flying by!


Night: What a difference a good night’s sleep makes! Oliver is sleeping about 10 hours at night (from 9:30pm – 7:30am) and we couldn’t be more grateful. I feel like a semi-normal person again. I still need an emoji with dark circles under the eyes for the days, but a good night’s sleep makes the world of difference doesn’t it?! I’ve heard the 4 month mark is tough so send all the tips my way for making it even a little bit smoother.

Day: You could set a timer to 30 minutes and Oliver would wake up from his naps right at 30 minutes on the dot. He eats, plays and then naps for 30 minutes. He usually has one nap a day that might be 45minutes or an hour if I’m lucky. Sometimes he sleeps after feeding and then I have to hold him upright for 10 minutes (down from 30 minutes so that’s a win!) but it cuts into my “getting things done” time which usually consists of me either napping as well (not very successfully) or more likely making myself something to eat! #hungryallthetime


Day: This month has been a crazy feeding month. At the beginning he was feeding every 3 hours then somewhere in the middle of the month, he started feeding every 2 or even 1½ hours. He even woke up and fed, and then fed again in an hour for a couple days. I felt like I was doing something wrong (don’t we all feel that way sometimes?) but I just went with it and tried to figure little Oliver out. I’ve realized that sometimes he shows hunger signs when he is actually tired. Go figure. Now at the end of the month/start of the next month, we are at about 2 hours. He is also so much quicker at feeding. Typically it’s 5-8 minutes on one side and he is done. At night when my supply is a little lower, he will take the other side.

Night: He makes up for feeding a little during the day by stocking up between 7-9pm before he goes down for the night. I get comfy and he feeds on and off after his bath till bedtime. Going out at any point after 7 is not a good idea for me. See the picture of a not-so-happy-boy at Ensley’s party at about 9pm here. My bad.


  1. Better control at picking up and putting down his red rattle-ball

  2. Laughing

  3. Tapping his feet together

  4. Sucking his thumb

  5. Dropping his bottom lip (see picture below)

Are these even milestones? Well, they are things he is learning so I’m calling them milestones.

“What, there’s nothing vegan on the menu?” Left: Baby Kendra, Right: Baby Oliver

Fun tid bits

  1. He can shriek and reach high notes only dogs can hear.

  2. He likes to be held 24/7.

  3. Sometimes when he’s feeding but tired, he’ll try slip his thumb in his mouth at the same time. Who said men can’t multitask?

  4. He loves tummy time and roars like a lion.

  5. He knows how to swat my hand away when I try “Nose Frida” him.

  6. His smile is contributing to global warming, sorry!

  7. He talks himself to sleep as he chews his hand or sucks his thumb.

  8. He fights his sleep every single time #fomo #justlikehismum

  9. He loves watching me do yoga and watches my legs go up and down when I do abs.

  10. He had his first shower with me today and seemed to enjoy it! It’s not as thrilling as kicking and splashing in the bath but it was a fun experience.


I’m doing a lot better now that we have our little morning yoga routine and I can feel like I’m working on getting my body a little more toned. I’ve put on a lot of weight (for me), and this is not something I’ve had to deal with before. I’m trying to love my body, especially for the fact that it is feeding Oliver and he is growing so well!

We are off to his 4 month well-visit so we will see what this little tanker is weighing now! Any guesses?

Till next month,

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