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Oliver’s First Birthday Party + Cute Thank-You Notes

We made it around the sun and back!

Cute thank-you cards by Basic Invite for all the SPCA donations and Oliver’s gifts. **Sponsored post by Basic Invite**

I love birthdays and Oliver’s is no exception, but the word “birth-day” has a totally different meaning now that I celebrate with him every year. The year has flown by even though there have definitely been some really long days and weeks as well. Staying at home with Oliver is the biggest blessing and hardest job I have ever had so far. I love it and find it challenging all in the same breath, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I have a peace that I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now and that is the best. Does it make it easy? No. Does it make it worth it? Absolutely!

On to the birthday celebrations…

Oliver loves dogs, or “doh” as he calls them so I thought I’d throw him a Puppy Pawty. We invited a few of our friends and family and asked them to bring donations to the Greater Charlotte SPCA. My cousin in South Africa did this and I thought it was the most amazing idea! Thank you so much to everyone for donating fun toys, leashes, dog collars and money for vaccinations and spaying. I am taking the donations to an SPCA event tomorrow and hopefully we don’t come home with a puppy, haha. I would love to rescue a dog or cat but Ollie is enough of a handful right now.

I went a little crazy with the food but showcasing yummy vegan food is kind of what I do so I’m allowed to! I made the food labels with the graphics from his cute invitation and obviously got my inspiration for the food names on Pinterest. The chocolate chip cookies were “doggie biscuits,” veggie sticks were “fetch sticks,” potato chips were “paw-taco chips,” veggie puffs were “puppy kibble,” teething crackers were “teething woofers,” veggie hot dogs were “not dogs”, the veggies and hummus were “ruff-age”, and the granola bars were “Growl-nola Bars” (I made that one up myself). I’ll admit – it’s a little cheesy (vegan of course) but I thought it was cute. I couldn’t think of anything for the fruit salad. Can you?

We ended up outside in the backyard until we all got bitten by mosquitos and came inside. Oliver had his first piece of chocolate cake and loved it. It’s my absolute favorite cake recipe and I had it for almost all my birthdays growing up (we didn’t know it was vegan).

He got some lovely toys and books that I’ll share in another post about what toys to buy a one-year-old. His one gift from us what a total hit, but it was not on the cheap side. Hopefully it will last him a long time though, and maybe any siblings if that is in our future!

I love the thank-you cards that I chose and edited so easily by Basic Invite. Read more about them below. Photo by Kelly Klemmensen.

“Thank you very much – for celebrating WOOF me.”

I am busy writing my thank-you notes thanks to Basic Invite. They have an amazing selection of first birthday party invitationscute party invitations (and lots more!) but I only found them once the invites were out, so I got some stunning first birthday thank you cards. It was such an easy process to find the card I liked and customize it just the way I wanted it. Can you believe they have over 180 colors to choose from? It was so quick to match the thank you cards to the party theme colors of burnt orange and a teal/cyan color. I typed in the wording on the card, chose my envelopes and it was on my doorstep in 4 days. I absolutely love the way they turned out and think it is totally worth it to go through Basic Invite to get exactly what you want.

I love the way they turned out and the process with Basic Invite was so quick and easy! Photo by Kelly Klemmensen.

Use the coupon code 15FF51 to get 15% off now! They have a raised foil option that I think would be perfect for Christmas cards so check back with me on this one. Let me know if you order something through them (I don’t get anything) but would love to know!

Find Basic Invite on social media:

Thanks also to Kelly for taking such amazing pictures of me writing my thank you cards! I didn’t even make one mistake 😉 Check out her website here.

What did you do for your baby’s first birthday?

**Sponsored post by Basic Invite**

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