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Oliver’s Montessori-Inspired Nursery

“It is important now to take time to think about the organization of the home (or any other setting where a child of this age is to spend significant periods of time). Does it make sense? Is it ordered, simple, and functional? Is it beautiful?” –Montessori From The Start by Paula Polk Lillard and Lynn Lillard Jessen.

I absolutely love the last three questions of this quote and think they should be nailed to my forehead when I make any kind of purchase- clothes, shoes, and especially home decor or kitchen gadgets. When starting to plan Oliver’s nursery, I knew I wanted a “less is more” approach. I also knew I wanted a light and bright room and everything about our apartment right now is the exact opposite of that. Dark and more dark.

We painted the room Sherwin-William’s “Pure White” and I wish I had done the entire apartment. Talk about light and bright. It made the world of difference.

What is “Montessori” anyway?

Montessori’s educational formula is a simple one with three main ideas – the prepared adult, the prepared environment, and freedom with responsibility. She designed beautiful educational materials that promote mathematical, cultural, language and sensory exploration and development. It is obviously so much more than that, but I need a whole lot more characters to sum up her geniusness.

Our Montessori nursery is “baby proof” so that Oliver, when he can, will be free to move around the room doing as he please. A baby gate will be placed at the door (soon) because my whole apartment is not ready for a little explorer.

The crib mattress is placed on the floor so the child can wake up in the morning and begin playing, or crawl up in the corner when he is tired for a nap. Wishful thinking? We’ll see! Oliver already loves seeing himself in the mirror (acrylic) on his tummy and will enjoy pulling himself up with the wooden bar (Etsy). The rug is from Lorena Canals and it is 100% cotton and machine washable. It adds so much coziness to that little corner doesn’t it!?

Montessori shelves

The toys and games on the shelves are not necessarily “Montessori” yet, but they are simple and fun. Oliver loves his red rattle (in the basket on the top right) and is learning to grasp it well. He tracks it with his eyes as we move it slowly from left to right and loves grasping it and putting it in his mouth. Not pictured is the Object Permanence Box that I know he will love. I’ve seen children repeat things over and over with such joy, such as putting the ball in the opening of the box, and watching it come out the side.

The dresser belonged to my parents in their first home in Chicago. I love having a family piece in the nursery. The shelves are from Ikea and the decor is from Hobby Lobby. I used to get stuck in that place for hours! It’s seriously bad.

The baby safari animal prints are from Etsy and they are so adorable. I didn’t want too much African-themed decor but these are simple and cute.

Of course, that was what the nursery looked like before baby came, lol. This is what it looked like a week after we brought Oliver home:

Haha, what a mess! The shelves became snack tables for all the breastfeeding hours, and our bed took over half the room. But I wouldn’t change a thing because little Ollie is with us.

I can’t wait for him to enjoy his room as he grows up, wherever we are!

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