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Vegan Meal Plans

Here are my meal plans for August 17 – 24:

  1. Saturday: Leftovers

  2. Sunday: Salad Wraps (or pitas)

  3. Monday: Veggie Quesadillas

  4. Tuesday: Leftovers

  5. Wednesday: Tofu Omlette

  6. Thursday: Leftovers

  7. Friday: Airport

I am trying the tofu omelet by Minimalist Baker for the second time because the first one was a flop. We ended up calling it tofu scramble because that’s what it looked like. It’s probably my fault because I made a few mistakes when following the instructions and I used firm tofu instead of silken. So we will give it another bash this week. It’s delicious even if you make a mess, but I’d really like to get it right! Follow my stories on Instagram that night to see how it turns out!

We are going to the beach on Friday, finally, and we are so excited. It will be the first time for Oliver and we can’t wait to introduce him to the ocean. We are going to the gulf coast and I hear it’s beautiful?! Feel free to send me some tips for taking baby to the beach. I have heard that the sand is incredibly annoying and is hard to get off the little ones. Did anything work for you?

Have a great week!

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