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Vegan Pregnancy Update {Week 21}

How Far Along: 21 weeks 5 days

Size: About 12oz and 10.51in head to toe. Food comparison – Carrot. He/she is as long as a carrot but a little chunkier thank goodness!

Weight gain: ? I probably should just buy a scale right?

Gender: We keep asking baby to kick once if it’s a boy and twice for a girl, but baby is not cooperating.

Baby bump: Literally bumpin’ about. The 19-20week was the growth spurt, now it feels like more gradual growing. I am watching this one stretch mark that is treading on thin ice on my right side. Is coconut oil the best oil for this or do I just need to embrace the so called “strength marks?”

Movement: Baby is a mover and shaker – but when he/she feels like it. I’ll feel nothing for most of the day then all of a sudden, baby kicks and turns and wiggles about!

Sleep: I slept through the night this week! I’m literally laughing at myself as I type this because who would have known I would ever say something as ridiculous as that. And this is just the beginning of the “parent language” that we are now starting to learn.

Exercise: I decided to follow SarahBethYoga videos everyday this week and have loved it! I guess I just missed someone else guiding me through a flow.

Clothing: Is it just me that really doesn’t want to wear any? But when I do, skirts and tank tops feel great!

How I’m feeling: Doing a yoga flow each morning this week has been great! I love breathing around my precious baby and connecting each morning. However, I have slumped into bad social media habits this week, scrolling for like an hour! I could be using that time so much more effectively, so I’m going to work on using a timer or something this coming week!


  1. Cravings- Cheese puffs. What the..??

  2. Aversions- Still the same: Sundried tomatoes, peanut sauce, stirfry, curry, and meat smells

What I miss:

  1. Handstands. If I had been more consistent with my handstand practice before pregnancy, I might have carried on, but I just don’t feel they are a good option for me right now. Sometimes it really is “mind over matter” and my mind just isn’t in the right place for them so I’ll check back after baby. A while after.

Nursery: I ordered an area rug this week! I’m hoping it arrives this weekend and we can get the ball rolling with the rest of the decor!

Baby Purchases: We set up a registry at BuyBuyBaby this week that I’ll link to my online registry on It was fun going down the aisles with our list, scanning things and checking them off. While we were there, we bought a onesie, which I remember is called a “babygrow” in SA, sooo cute. We also bought a crib sheet that I’m excited to try with the area rug this weekend! We still need a baby monitor and I still need to research cloth and hybrid diapers. Please let me know if you have had success with any of those options!

We also had a surprise this week when my aunt came back from SA with goodies from friends and family. We even got a package from NZ! Our little one is so loved already! Thanks everyone!

Hubby: Daniel is so sweet about fetching things for me, rubbing my back and reading parenting books. We have a lot to learn together! Sometimes baby kicks more when he/she hears dad’s voice than when I try get some movement myself. Um, hello? Not.fair.

Can’t wait for: My area rug to arrive and we can get started with the nursery.

Unwarranted pregnancy/parenting advice: I didn’t get out much this week so, on the bright side, I had no unwarranted advice thrown my way.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!

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