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Vegan Pregnancy Update {Week 22}

I’m holding my hair because of the wind, not because I think I look cool!

How Far Along: 22 weeks 5 days

Size: About 15oz and 11in head to toe. Food comparison – Spaghetti squash. That’s more like it. Bring on the chubby cheeks to squeeze!

Weight gain: 14lbs Yeah baby!!!

Gender: I wanted a girl for a long time. Not because I’m into headbands and bows (although who knows how I’ll dress our child when I find out the gender) but because I could sing, dance, shop, play sports and do yoga with her. Also long hair. I can imagine loving braiding her hair. I then realized I could do the same thing with boys, maybe minus the hair braiding.

The reason why I was initially nervous about a boy is that there are so many stereotypes that I just don’t like regarding boys.

“Be a man’s man.”

“Stop being a sissy.”

“Boys don’t do crafts.” Can you name any more?

It took me 5 months to realize that my baby has Daniel for a father who is strong, competitive, and hardworking, as well as caring, respectful and affectionate. I literally sighed with relief in knowing our child has an amazing father modeling these qualities everyday. I know how much positive role models are in the lives of children, so if you tell my child to “be a man and stop crying,” we just ain’t comin’ over again.

Baby bump: The steadily growing mass in front of my stomach still catches me by surprise sometimes. Occasionally I don’t recognize myself in the reflection of a window, mirror or when I wake up in the morning.

Movement: Oh how I love feeling baby kick and move. The turning or sliding is the most weird and interesting. That’s new in the last week. The kicks are still strong and mostly at night, although he/she also gives me a prod at lunch time too!

Exercise: I have been pretty consistent with yoga every morning but the walking took a back seat to all the beautiful, pouring rain we had this week. Also….

I started yoga teacher training this week at Y2 Yoga!!

There are 5 intensive weekends (Thursday-Sunday) that go from this one till August 13. I am so excited to deepen my practice (hello modifications!) and learn how to do assists and be a guide. I’ll keep you posted!

Clothing: I bought some yoga gear this week (from Target and Marshalls) that I’ll probably put together in a post some time! I just bought regular (non-maternity) and sized up, one or two.

How I’m feeling: Really great! This yoga training is going to be amazing. I’m sad not to experience it with my girl Ensley in Charleston but the thought of leaving Daniel for a month just makes me cry.


  1. Cravings- None this week!

  2. Aversions- Still the same: Sundried tomatoes, peanut sauce, stirfry, curry, and meat smells

What I miss:

  1. Lying on my tummy and back (still my number one miss!)(I’m not changing this)

  2. Sitting still for long periods. I am sooooo wriggly.

Nursery: Overstock sent me the COMPLETLEY WRONG rug this week. It was a 2’3’ green rug? #notmyrug. I phoned them and we got the original sent again and I dropped the small one off at UPS. Not a big deal actually, I was just disappointed not to have it in the room right away. Patient much?

We painted some white samples on the wall so Daniel can paint while I’m at yoga training this weekend! He is a great painter, actually, his dad and my dad are both very good painters! We should start a business…mmm.

Baby Purchases: I added to the registry this week and bought a yellow crib sheet and a small yellow sun rattle. We are going to buy the car seat/stroller soon! I believe it’s called a ‘travel system’. Watch this space.

Yellow crib sheet and matching cotton sun rattle

Hubby: Daniel did an Excel spread sheet that compared a couple of travel systems so we could make a better-informed decision when we tried them in the store. He is so Mr. IT guy! Every night, he still rubs my belly with coconut oil and baby kicks when he/she hears dad’s voice.

Can’t wait for: A white nursery!

Unwarranted pregnancy/parenting advice: Actually, I went to a friend’s house this week FOR parenting advice. It was actually how to get my head around cloth diapering. She even did a demonstration on how to fold a cloth diaper successfully. The doll was a very, non-wriggly participant, but I think I got it! It was very warranted and welcomed. Thanks Liza!

Till next week,

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