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Vegan Pregnancy Update {Week 23}

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How Far Along: 23 weeks 5 days

Size: Finally about 1lb, and about 11.3in head to toe. Food comparison – Large mango. It’s still so hard to picture a real life baby in my tummy!

Weight gain: 14+lbs and on the rise I’m sure.

Gender: Only Dr. knows!

Baby bump: Apparently baby doubles his/her weight in the next 4 weeks so look out! Baby bump is going to be doing a lot of stretching.

Movement: The best movement this week was feeling the baby on both sides of my tummy at the same time. Like he/she was doing a full body stretch after a yoga pose.

Exercise: I am going to Y2 Yoga every alternate day now and my recovery in between is getting better and better. Yoga teacher training over the weekend was incredible, overwhelming and exhausting all at the same time. I took an exercise break on Monday but was back on my mat on Tuesday. Baby becomes very quiet when I’m on my mat but I know he/she is feeling every movement of every pose like a dance.

Clothing: I seriously need to buy some maternity denim shorts because the other ones have bid me a farewell, and it’s so hot already! I’m still loving my Target tank tops that I just sized up.

How I’m feeling: Daniel went away this week and it was very hard for me. All my insecurities have somehow showed up on my doorstep again and are forcing their way in. I’m trying to pray that God would remind me I am His child and I am loved.


  1. Cravings- Dr. Pepper. I loved this drink when I first came to the states but stopped drinking it after I always felt so bloated all the time. This week I have been majorly craving sweet drinks. I tried a Dr. Snap from Whole Foods that was similar, but I still can’t justify that much sugar!

  2. Aversions- Still the same: Sundried tomatoes, peanut sauce, stirfry, curry, and meat smells. Barf!

What I miss:

  1. Lying on my tummy and back (still my number one miss!)(I’m not changing this…ever)

  2. Sleeping through the night. Sorry to the person living below us. I wish I could say it’s going to get better but this might actually not be so bad compared to a crying baby?

Nursery: Daniel put the first coat of white in the nursery and it looks 100% better. I can’t wait for him to finish and we can decorate! We went with “Pure White” by Sherwin-Williams. (The sample on the top left)

The “before” shot

Baby Purchases: I put a cute gray, white and yellow crib mattress on my registry that I’m very excited about. I didn’t buy anything but still we still need to get:

  1. A Montessori style shelf

  2. Some wall pictures

  3. A blanket and some pillows for my twin bed I’m putting on the floor.

  4. A rug. We are returning the rug that we initially liked because the “gray and white” was more like gray and ivory, which doesn’t go with white and yellow. Oh dear.

Hubby: Hubby was away this week and so I had to rub my own belly at night. I could almost hear baby say, “But I like it better when dad does it!” Haha.

Can’t wait for: Our ultrasound on Tuesday to check up on baby’s single umbilical artery. I also can’t wait for Daniel to get back and the nursery not to look like a construction zone.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Till next week,

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