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Vegan Pregnancy Update {Week 26}

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Baby’s size: Almost 2lbs, and about 14in head to toe. Food comparison – As long as a scallion/green onion.

Gender: Can’t wait until the Midwife/Doctor holds the baby up (“Lion King” style) and says, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”

Baby bump: I said goodbye to my belly button this week. Ahhhhh. Like my mom would say, “It’s as flat as a pancake.” I’m sure baby will kick it out one of these days.

Movement: Baby loves to move around and scrape his/her little body against my tummy. Baby is pretty quiet when I’m doing yoga but this week has woken up for backbends three times in a row. Baby gives me little kicks to make sure I don’t just lie there but I get into bridge pose!

Exercise: I’m doing yoga about every other day but as part of my yoga teacher training I have 15 hours of yoga assisting to do now that I’ve finished my 5 hours of observation. I’m not sure how to fit in exercising and assisting without moving in to the studio. I want to get it done ASAP before I knock someone over with my belly as I walk by.

Clothing: A couple of people mentioned Old Navy has some reasonably priced maternity clothes and so I popped in this week. I finally bought some shorts and jeans. Don’t ask me how the sizes are so different, I’m not a science-y person, but a 6 and 2 seems weird. The boyfriend skinny cropped jeans are on clearance for $9.99 in store. What a deal! The shorts are on sale for $20.96. Not so much, but I figured both of them for $30 was worth it.


  1. Cravings- Cheese (This crept up on me again yesterday!)

  2. Aversions- Still the same: Sundried tomatoes, peanut sauce, stirfry, curry, and meat smells. Ewwww!

What I miss:

  1. Lying on my tummy and back (still my number one miss!)(I’m not changing this…ever)

  2. Sleeping well. I was an A+ sleep master.

Nursery: I’m so excited to show you some of our progress. We are still a long way from finishing but I am loving our little one’s room. Daniel said that it’s the best room in the apartment.

Hubby: All through our marriage, I’ve been the control freak and Daniel as been the chilled one. I love that about him. He helps me relax and let things unfold naturally without trying to control everything. I help him come out of his shell and give him a shove when he needs a little drive. The funny thing is that we are almost switching roles as we begin our parenting journey. I’m so relaxed with making birth plans and am just going day-by-day and Daniel is wanting to get a micro-chip tracking bracelet so we can track our baby in case someone takes him/her. No Babes, sorry. He’s got a list that we need to do like setting up a will and doing an infant/child CPR course and as much as those are really good things for us to do (and we will), I just thought that I’d be the one with the plans and lists. I was a teacher for 8 years, I am very good at lists. It’s interesting to see us growing in our role as parents and I can’t wait to see how we’ll be with baby right in front of us!

Can’t wait for: Our rescheduled Baby moon in August. Any recommendations for things to do in Hilton Head, SC?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Till next week,

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