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Vegan Pregnancy Update {Week 30}

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How Far Along: 30 weeks 5 days

Size: 2.9 lbs, and about 15.71 in. head to toe. Food comparison – Large cabbage.

Gender: The baby’s heartbeat this week was 140 bpm which is the lowest it’s been the whole pregnancy. It’s ranged from 140-159 bpm. Some people believe heartrate is linked to gender, but who really knows? What was your baby’s heartrate like?

Weight gain: 22lbs (About 10kgs) I was weighed this week at Baby +Co.

Baby bump: I’m still hanging on to a very flat belly button. The Midwife said my bump measured 10 cm top to bottom. She also said baby has “dropped” and his/her head is right down at the bottom. I was able to feel it myself. We were pressing very hard, it was a little uncomfortable but worth it.

Movement: The Midwife also confirmed that the tightening of my tummy is indeed Braxton Hicks. I’m trying to count how many times an hour I get it. It’s probably 2 or 3. I don’t even know if that’s a lot or a little. I don’t google things because I’ll scare myself with all the symptoms and information out there.

Exercise: Yoga teacher training kicked my butt again this past weekend. Between Ashtanga flows and practice teaching, I’m getting plenty of exercise. I’m also making sure I stay hydrated…meaning I’m going to the bathroom every 5 seconds as well.

Clothing: Mom gave me some of her dresses that she has had for like 10 years. She even has some in her closet that she wore when I was a child! I hope I buy clothes that last the test of time like that.

How I’m feeling: Every time baby kicks or rubs his/her little feet on my tummy I just want to shout for joy. Sometimes I actually want to wince instead because he/she keeps kicking the ribs on my right side, but it is an amazing privilege. I don’t know what causes the disconnect, but I still find it hard to imagine a real baby in there. Maybe it’s the fact that all the babies I know breathe air, and imagining a baby just lying in fluid is just so far from that?


  1. Cravings- Still Dr. Pepper. I caved and bought a couple tiny little bottles for the beach this weekend.

  2. Aversions- Still the same: Sundried tomatoes, peanut sauce, stirfry, curry, and meat smells. I just can’t. Still.

What I miss:

  1. Sleeping on my tummy and back (still my number one miss!)(I’m not changing this…ever)

  2. Wearing skinny jeans. I know it’s summer but I’d love to wear my skinny jeans to church (where they keep it 65degrees…brrrr).

Nursery: The mirror came this week so we are going to put it up soon. It’s acrylic so it won’t shatter or crack. It looks so cute in the corner. I can just imagine baby starting at him/herself while lying on his/her tummy.

Baby Purchases: I bought one cute board book at Marshalls (they have the cutest board book collection) called “You are my I love you” by Maryann Cusimano Love.

Hubby: Daniel actually read that book to the baby for the first time. We talk to baby a lot but we’ve never read a book or anything before.

On another note, Daniel and I really enjoyed our hospital tour at CMC Pineville, which is right around the corner from us. They have Midwives deliver the babies and even offer different delivery positions like squatting or laying on your side if you have a vaginal delivery with no epidural. That’s my preference but I am very willing to consider an epidural when it comes down to it! I have no idea how this is all going to go, so I’m going to take it one step at a time. The rooms also have a fridge and a microwave, which seems like a trivial thing, but to a vegan who’s only food option on the hospital menu is probably the “side salad”, it’s pretty exciting. Daniel will be in charge of making sure it’s full of delicious goodies. He can delegate of course, he doesn’t need to be the one at Harris Teeter at all hours of the night. What did you enjoy eating after baby was born?

Can’t wait for: Our beach vacay!!!! As you read this, we are probably on our way to Hilton Head for our “Baby Moon” as these kinds of getaways before baby have been named. I’m so excited to get some sand between my toes and feel the sea breeze on my face. I also can’t wait to dig a belly-shaped hole in the sand and see if I can lay down on/in it. Plonk. We’ve booked a “villa” type room with a full kitchen so we can make all the yummy vegan meals. I’m very ready to get some Vitamin-SEA!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Till next week,

Read next week’s post: Vegan Pregnancy Update {Week 31}

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