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5 Best Vegan Cookbooks

When Ensley and I became vegans, we definitely needed some help. The internet is amazing with all the thousands of recipes but cooking or baking with your phone, tablet or laptop nearby is a hazard. Greasy fingers on my screen or white flour powder splashed across the keyboard is not ideal. Maybe it’s just me? #messycook

I know you can print all the recipes out, but what is more beautiful than cooking out of a cookbook. I literally can’t imagine all the preparation and hard work it takes to get a cookbook together! Maybe Ensley and I will be lucky enough to try it one day, then we’ll let you know.

If you are looking to bring more vegan and/or plant-based options to your table, here are our 5 best vegan cookbooks. We got together and wrote a little bit about why we each love these recipe books!


This cookbook is full of family friendly recipes from cashew cheese and cinnamon french toast, to vegan sloppy joes, stirfry and no bake granola bars. It also has tips for packed lunches and a nutrition guide at the back. We love Dreena, and she has many other books and ebooks on her site. I can’t wait to try these recipes on my little one coming in October. Obviously I know they don’t eat solids for a while though.

This cookbook is my absolute favorite! Ensley got me to listen to some of Colleen’s podcasts when I was a baby vegan. She is quite intense, but so helpful! I got this as a gift and have loved every recipe I’ve tried. My favorites are the apple crumble, pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, and the no-bake strawberry pie with chocolate chunks.  She talks about the journey to compassionate cooking and provides helpful tips and tricks with her recipes. I can’t wait to try the cinnamon coffee cake, lemon cheese cake, mediterranean olive bread, peanut butter cookies, and the bran muffins with raisins.

Her site is amazing, you can even take a 30 day vegan challenge. Who’s up for that?


A Christmas gift from my brother, this book is equally delicious recipes and a hilarious read. (Literally-there are times I laugh out loud.) The recipe directions are rift with foul language and sarcasm and I love every second of it. Check out their website for more info.

The perfect cookbook for the newly vegan, those who don’t have access to a health food store, or really anyone. This cookbook is 100% whole food, plant-based recipes with ingredients you can find in any grocery store. The sweet potato bisque + chipotle black bean soup are some of my favorites.

You can find lots of helpful information on their website too.

A gift from my dear friend Lindsey, this cookbook is written by the founder of Jivamukti yoga, a style that has veganism as one of its tenets. My current yoga teacher training is a vinyasa style heavily influenced by Jivamukti, and these recipes are fresh, healthy, and presented with brilliantly colored photographs. I particularly love the juice and smoothie recipes.

What vegan cookbooks are you enjoying?

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