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VegFest Charlotte 2018 Review

Thank goodness I brought a packed lunch for Oliver and didn’t rely on finding something for him at VegFest.

Honestly I was a little disappointed in VegFest this year. I mostly go for the food and there were very few lunch options. Of the options that were available (the one food truck I wanted food from had power issues and were closed), the line as long as the Great Wall of China for the vegan nachos was totally off limits with a hungry baby so I was left with like three other options. The stand that was selling vegan burgers, which are totally my favorite, looked very dirty and unsanitary so I got two subs. One was mushroom and the other BBQ seitan. Daniel and I shared them so we each had half a mushroom and half a BBQ seitan. The homemade dill sauce was nice but they were very average.

I don’t even know the name of the place I got this at.

You know when you realize the food you could have made at home would have been better than what you end up paying big bucks for? Well, that’s not supposed to happen at an all vegan event, so I was a little disappointed.

However, if the only good thing that came out of me going was finding Nelly’s Organics bars then it was worth the whole trip and the overpriced veggie sub. I also bought my first stainless steel straw and brush cleaner. I went with the bent one, and am wondering if I should have bought a straight one just to compare and see which one I liked better before buying more for Daniel and Oliver. Which shape do you like?

This coconut one is soooooo good! 

Samples are the best thing aren’t they?

I’m always glad after I go, because it’s encouraging to be surrounded by like-minded people and see all the products that are available in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. I love being vegan and get a little boost after events like Veg Fest, maybe next time I’ll leave Oliver with my mom so we can power through the line for vegan nachos!

Have you been to a Veg Fest?

What was it like?

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