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What {pregnant} vegans really eat: Kendra Edition

Besides “Where do you get your protein?”, the second question Ensley and I answer the most often is “So…what do you eat?”. Pregnancy has made people even more curious about my routines and daily meals. A few weeks ago, Ensley gave you her version of this post (sans pregnancy!), and now it’s my turn. Check out my favorite routines and meals below!

9:00 am

After sleeping for about 10 hours, waking up a few times in the night (thanks pregnancy!), I drink Kangen water to get me going. I actually sip on it through the night but have a small glass size when I actually get up. It’s recommended by Dr. Michael Smith of Carolinas Natural Health Center and I absolutely love it! I can really feel a difference in how hydrated it makes me feel vs. tap water.

9:05 am

If I don’t feel like doing yoga, I’ll take a walk around my neighborhood! Sometimes I even do both. (Ok, that’s only happened twice.) I like doing yoga in the mornings on an empty stomach, though I still sip on water throughout the flow. I find I feel heavy and clunky* when I do yoga at night or later in the day. *Clunky – adjective. Unbalanced, unfocused, heavy, out of sorts.

My yoga, lately, looks so different to the power flows I used to do last year and even into week 4 of my pregnancy. Now, I take it easy and really stay a while in each pose, focusing on balance, form and breathing. How is it that sometimes we hold our breath without even knowing?

I also sometimes take my walk in the late afternoons when Daniel gets home from work. We walk and chat away about his and my day, what vacation we are going on next and we get the post on our way home.

9:45 am

Before breakfast, I wash my face with the most divine Holy City Salt Scrub and moisturize with Coconut Oil. I used to think putting oil on a previously oily-prone skin would be disastrous, but it is the best! That’s all I use, all over my body as well! I’m also hoping it’s also going to stop the stretch marks from making their way around onto my tummy. Fingers crossed.

10:00 am

For breakfast, I have my “Magnificent Muesli.” It’s a concoction of Trader Joe’s Muesli, Ancient Grains Granola, Corn Flakes, and Thompson seedless raisins. I literally look forward to getting up in the mornings to have it! I ate the same breakfast in SA for about 20 years so when I find something I like, I have it ’till death do us part’! After about an hour I pop a Vitamin B12 supplement to get my groove on! Don’t skip breakfast ladies and gentlemen. It’s a must.

+ Cornflakes + Raisins

During this time I can also get my IG fix and catch up on e-mails so I’m less distracted when I work. I say less distracted because, well, I’m being honest!

10:30 am

I have a long commute from the kitchen to the dining room (don’t hate me) where I work from home doing my Medical Transcription training. It’s definitely not my dream job by any means, but I started it before I knew I wanted to do yoga training and by golly I am trying to finish it. I am working through the exam at the moment. Wish me luck!

I have my Juice Plus (Whole food nutrition and prenatal vitamins all at once) and a Vitamin D3 or two at about mid-morning (mykind Organics or Garden of Life).

1:00 pm

Lunch is for leftovers! I make a double recipe for dinner the night before to have leftovers for lunch. Daniel takes his packed lunch of leftovers to work everyday. They tease him and call it his “twigs and berries.” Rude. The leftovers could be anything from Garden Burgers, Burritos, to Soup. I also add a fruit in there somewhere – a banana, some grapes or an apple. If I don’t have anything leftover then my go-to lunch is a Glowing Green Smoothie, or tomato and avocado on toast.

3:00 pm

I nanny a 7 year-old, super bendy gymnast. She loves doing crafts, playing on the playground and making booklets with me. It’s the easiest job ever. I’m a recovering teacher of 8 years people – I need this! I have my second batch of Juice Plus gummies and salt & vinegar chips…mmmm. They’ve been good to me, they got me through my first trimester!

6:00 pm

I come home from nannying and get straight to work in the kitchen. My meal plans help me not stress about what’s for dinner every night, and help me shop for the week so I have everything. Since becoming pregnant though, I fly by the seat of my pants because it seems like I change my mind about food ALL THE TIME. Here is a typical week:

Monday: Vegan Pizzas

Tuesday: Tofu Short Ribs with Mash Potatoes and Green Beans

Wednesday: Garden Burgers

Thursday: Mushroom Ragout

Friday: Spicy Kale and Coconut Salad

Saturday: Sushi

Sunday: Falafel and Salad (Lately it’s been Chipotle’s Sofritas bowl)

Just add guacamole or Vegenaise = boom!

8:00 pm

Every evening is different, but we enjoy watching TV shows (what am I going to do now that we just finished watching Friends?) playing guitar and piano, reading, journaling, playing board games or just chatting. We have music practice some Tuesdays (Did you know I play the piano?) and Bible Study most Thursdays so I get my people fix. I love people. I love talking. It doesn’t help that I am by myself for most of the day. That’s one of the things I have struggled since leaving teaching. I am quite different to Ensley in that I need the social interactions to fuel my energy. I can get pretty sombre when left alone day to day. BUT, with a little one on the way, I see this time as a gift before my time is not my own. Mamas am I right?

I enjoy herbal tea about an hour before bed. Rooibos chai is my favorite, but green tea is working it’s way up to second place. I also pop a Probiotic before bed.

Confession: I have started to LOVE coffee. Bad bad timing, I know! I could count the number of cups of coffee I have drunk in my entire life on one hand. Seriously, one hand. Lately, I try have a cup every other day, or every two to three days but it’s so hard! Why now? I chalk it up to the mysteries of pregnancy.

Goodnight friends! Let’s do it all again tomorrow!

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